ORGANICA: We are in our element for your success

ORGANICA synthesizes specialty chemicals for numerous products and industries. Whether for the pharmaceutical, plastics, or electrical industry or the food, flavors, and fragrances sector, we find customized solutions to provide you with the desired products – quickly, flexibly, and at the highest quality level. Last year, we produced more than 230 different chemicals and supplied them to around 200 customers in 33 countries. We also look forward to supporting your company with our expertise.

Modern plants for highly functionalized products

ORGANICA uses modern, state-of-the-art multi-purpose plants to manufacture its products. With a capacity of 100 m³ and varying sizes of reactors, we can offer you multi-stage syntheses from the kilogram to multi-ton range. Our modular plants enable us to convert to the respective process and find the ideal parameters for production.

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Reliable logistics and AOE certification

When it comes to the shipping and logistics of fine chemicals and dyes, various legal requirements must be taken into account. ORGANICA knows and fulfills the industry-specific requirements. As a partner with AEOC status (Authorized Economic Operator for customs simplifications), it ensures the fast and smooth customs clearance of your delivery so that you can expect your goods on time.

Fine chemicals

We supply you with the appropriate fine chemicals for your pilot run or final production. Whether a product from our portfolio or a custom synthesis, ORGANICA will be happy to review your request and advise you on implementation and sensible production processes. We aspire to produce chemicals in first-class quality.


Initially split off from Agfa and ORWO, ORGANICA can draw on many years of expertise in the production of photo chemicals. Whether functional dyes, special products for the photographic industry, or solar dyes for DSSC, ORGANICA is able to meet your needs.

Current offers

Because of our numerous orders and productions, there are always residual stocks of raw materials and products that have not yet found a further use. This is an ideal opportunity for you to purchase high quality chemicals at a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of our offers listed in the overview.