Modern dye production built from tradition

 ORGANICA produces high-quality photographic chemicals such as stabilizers, anti-fogging agents, absorbers, and dyes for photographic use as well as numerous other products for various industries and applications. This production of dyes requires a great deal of experience – from detailed preparation to production and handling.

ORGANICA builds on a unique tradition. That is why our dye division was developed from the former Agfa. In its glory days, it was one of the world’s largest companies for the production of photographic materials. Since 1909, the location for photochemical production had been in Wolfen. From 1964 onwards, it operated under the abbreviation ORWO (Original Wolfen). Originating from the intermediates department, ORGANICA still benefits from the expertise and unique knowledge and continues to develop it for the current requirements.

Clean production with strict guidelines

During production, ORGANICA attaches great importance to cleanliness before, during, and after production. Whether in the reactor, during reprocessing, or in the drying cabinet: We do not release a end product until it meets our strict internal guidelines and the desired specification. Only in this way can we guarantee a consistently high standard for our customers.

Can ORGANICA support you in the production of your desired dye? Please contact us via our inquiry form or speak directly to a contact person at ORGANICA. You can also request dyes not listed in our catalog. We would be pleased to check the individual development and production according to your specifications.

Functional dyes

ORGANICA offers you an extensive portfolio of dyes. You will find various functional dyes such as laser or photo dyes, absorbers, or dyes with special properties (e.g., for the electronics industry).

Solar dyes

Special dyes for the solar industry form a separate category. These mainly include ruthenium-based dyes for DSSC (Dye Sensitized Solar Cells). We have developed economic processes for these dyes so that we produce them on a kilogram scale with outstanding quality.