ORGANICA is your reliable partner in the area of the research, development and production of high-quality organic intermediates. A highly motivated team and his striving for excellent results have already led to the market launch of many new chemicals. We stand to you with innovative and adaptable solutions aside, so that we achieve an added value for your targeted projects. Our aspiration for constant improvement of the existing procedures and processes concerning the effectiveness, efficiency and quality protects the continuity of common projects.

Our team can refer on a diversified professionalism in the area of the synthetic production of various organic and inorganic intermediates. We accompany you from the idea about the development up to the ready end product. We carry out the customized research and process development in addition in our location.

It encloses the control of the availability of the source matters as well as the process optimization, if desired also in narrow vote with you, the choice or the development of an own synthesis route. The development of a stable production process and representative samples are the base for a sure and efficient transfer of the procedure in the production. Beside the available standard equipment nine hoods are available in three labs, in which the sulfonating flasks (250 ml – 4 l) can be worked in a temperature area of -25°C to 250 C. For hydrogenations a 2 l of stainless steel autoclave can be used.