With custom synthesis to success

ORGANICA will support you from the innovative idea to the end product. We rely on our established project management process, which is characterized by direct and trustful dialog as well as short and efficient decision-making processes. This process results in the best possible solutions and processes for our customers.

From the analysis to the delivery

We quickly evaluate an inquiry for a new product or project for feasibility and discuss the initial information and framework parameters with you. We then look at the synthetic approach from various angles and use initial queries to check possible sources of raw materials.

Once we have developed a theoretical synthesis route, we make a general cost estimate and present you with an initial offer of information.

The new product or project is then processed in our modern laboratory. We optimize the synthesis route, produce the first representative samples, and precisely calculate the costs incurred. This allows us to develop the necessary analytical methods and define the applicable specification in constant exchange and close coordination with the customer.

After the product or project has been processed in the laboratory, it can be transferred to the pilot plant for scale-up. This enables us to produce the first batches and optimize and adapt the process for production on a ton scale.

ORGANICA’s established project management process ensures continuous and reliable support in the realization of your product or project.