Multi-stage syntheses on a multi-ton scale

With a broad repertoire of reactors and a total volume of currently 100 m3, we can perform even multi-stage syntheses on a multi-ton scale. Within the wide range of possibilities of the multi-purpose plant, ORGANICA can guarantee the production of up to 100 tons per product. The existing CS2 plant, which enables the handling of carbon disulfide, is particularly noteworthy. Hydrogenations and other high-pressure reactions can be carried out at up to 50 bar in the respective autoclaves.

  • Glass-lined reactors 900 l – 5000 l
  • Stainless steel reactors 250 l – 630 l
  • Distillation columns 2000 l – 8000 l
  • Stainless steel autoclaves 500 l
  • Hastelloy centrifuge 380 l and Hastelloy conical dryer 1.6 m³
  • Temperature range from −20°C to 220°C