ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen – Fine Chemicals Made in Germany – since 1910

Strict customer orientation, reliability, flexibility and high scientific claim led ORGANICA, founded in 1995, from a manufacturer of traditional photo chemicals in areas of the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals for the electronic, agricultural- and fine-chemical industry in a specialization on hazardous reactions.

Besides, ORGANICA concentrates upon the synthesis of high-quality, highly improved organic fine chemicals for the different areas of the industry. Historically linked with the Agfa (corporation for aniline manufacture) and ORWO (Original Wolfen) our enterprise brings the experience of a big number of lab procedures and productions.

The striving for a constant improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the respective products and processes is an essential part of our action.

Innovative, experienced and high motivated employees and their pursuit of supreme results have led to the market launch of many new chemicals. Worthwhile new projects are to be transferred, on this occasion, our direct and open dialogue with the customer and the ability and flexibility fast new products to transfer from the research and development in the production.

Customer synthesis can be offered outgoing by own research labs, a pilot’s plant and manufacturing plants for the production of tonne amounts in a wide amount spectrum (total volume of the reactor: 95 m³). Moreover, in one of the FDA audited, clean room class C suitable cGMP kilo-lab, a diagnosis dye is produced for parenteral use.

The company site of the ORGANICA is certificated after ISO 9001 and is located in the Chemie Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen with a well-developed and efficient infrastructure.

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